when Experience Matters



Meeting and Workshop Facilitation


When the outcome needs to be action- and  results-oriented, the topic is complex or the attendees are challenging, you want your meeting in the hands of a pro. MK Communication Strategies facilitators are trained in the ToP Facilitation ® methodology and your meeting or workshop is custom-designed with your goals and outcomes in mind.  Consensus Building, Action Planning and Strategic Planning are three areas of our facilitation expertise.

1-on-1 Breakthrough Facilitation


Sometimes you get stuck, or need an infusion of new thinking, or have an idea you want to get off the ground. Three decades of expertise are brought to bear on just a single half-day, one-on-one facilitation session that will break up the blocks, organize your approach and get clarity for you on how and where to begin.

Public Relations/Media Relations/Content Creation



When it comes to communicating to the world about you or your company, rolling out a new business or product or handling a crisis, you don't want someone learning on the job. MK Communication Strategies principal Maggie Kuhn has 30 years of experience pitching and placing stories in news media as well as writing content for every platform, from newsletters to blog posts to websites and beyond.