Workshop & Meeting Facilitation

When the outcome needs to be action- and results-oriented, if the topic is complex, or when the attendees are challenging, you want your workshop in the hands of a pro. 

MK Communication Strategies facilitators are trained in the ToP Facilitation ® methodology, which ensures full participation in an engaging, outcome-oriented, proven process. Your meeting or workshop is custom-designed with your goals and outcomes in mind. 

Our areas of facilitation expertise include Strategic Planning, Consensus Building, Action Planning, Annual Planning, Capital Campaign planning, Environmental Scanning, Change Management, Employee or Board engagement and more. 

We provide expert facilitation for both for-profit and non-profit entities around the country.

A sampling of industry sectors we have worked with includes architecture, arts & culture, economic development, education, engineering and construction, government, travel & tourism and utilities. 


It's Time to Engage a Facilitator When:

  • Your industry is experiencing significant disruption and you have not discussed or formulated a plan.
  • Your company is having challenges attracting or retaining talent.
  • You’ve recently had major leadership changes or have major leadership changes coming in the next decade.
  • You have not done a well-designed and professionally facilitated Strategic Planning process in the past three years (or ever).
  • You have new opportunities, markets, audiences.
  • You have new board members, employees, members, constituents with whom you need to build rapport and consensus.
  • There is more competition than in the past.
  • Doing things as you’ve always done is no longer sufficient.
  • You aren’t getting the funding or new business needed.
  • Your audience, mission or offerings have changed (or you’ve been experiencing unintentional “mission creep”).
  • You are contemplating a Capital Campaign.
  • You have a constituency/client/target audience with whom you need to build rapport.
  • You have a complex topic, initiative or constituency and need to build consensus and buy-in.
  • You have a new initiative you want to get off the ground.

Why Use an Outside Facilitator?

A workshop, meeting or series of meetings facilitated by a third party, trained professional is vital to moving a topic or initiative forward, getting buy-in, building consensus or developing an outcome-driven plan.